"15-5-60" Beeline Achievement

Make at least 15 Pips on 5 Trades, each of which is open at least 60 minutes.


You may be wondering where to find out how long a trade has been open. We suggest doing this by referring to either your "Orders" or "Orders History" window depending on if you want to find out about an already closed order or an order that is presently open.

If you are unable to see these windows refer to the following article,

Where do I find the Orders and Orders History windows?

To determine how long a presently open trade has been open, look at the column titled "Fill Date" in the "Orders" window. If this space is blank it means the order is still pending. Next, subtract this time from the current time to figure how long the trade has been open. Note that the time is given in GMT, so you will need to do your math accordingly. 

To determine how long a closed trade was open before it was closed go to the "Orders History" window and subtract the value in the "Close Date" column by the value in the "Fill Date" column. Again, don't forget that these times are given in GMT.


These trades do not necessarily have to be completed in a row. Also, be sure that you are making the trades on your Silver account. To learn how to switch to your Silver account see the following article,

How do I add and switch to another demo account?