How do I plot past trades?

To plot a past trade, or several past trades do the following,

For Alveo Version 1.5.1

1.  Ensure that you are viewing your Orders History Window, the chart of the currency pair of the trade(s) you are wanting to plot, and the section of the price history where the order(s) took place.

2.  Find the 'Scripts' icon in the chart's toolbar. It is a white box with a grey arrow inside, located to the right of the indicator button. 

3.  Click "PlotTrades" as it appears on the drop-down menu.

4.  In the "PlotTrades Settings" dialogue box specify the order ID (this is found in the Orders History window). If you would like to see a number of trades at one time you may type in the range of trade ID's in the "Order ID Begin" and "Order ID End" value boxes e.g., 160 and 163 (to plot three trades at once).

If you would like to plot only one trade simply type the same order ID in both boxes e.g., 163 and 163.

5.  Click "Ok" at the bottom of the dialog box.

Please note: Plotted trades act as chart objects and can be manipulated and deleted as such.