"Introduce Yourself" Beeline Achievement

Apiary is a community, which is one of the great advantages that comes with trading with the Apiary Fund. This achievement is to help you become more integrated into the trading community so that we can all help each other better progress.

Make sure that you complete this introduction by

1.  Clicking on the link "Introduce Yourself" on your Beeline. This will route you directly to a page where you can create a forum post.

2.  Create a title for your forum post in the "Forum Topic:" bar e.g., "Introduction" or "Hello!...". 

3.  Next, choose the Introduce Yourself forum from the "Forum" selector by clicking the grey bar and clicking "Introduce Yourself" at the bottom of the drop-down box.

Refer to screenshots below.

4.  Write your introduction in the content box under "Forum post:" and add any attachments you would like.

5.  Click "Save" at the bottom left of the page. Your post will be saved to the forum.

Note: If you do not specify the forum you are posting to as being “Introduce Yourself” (step 3 above) then the achievement will not be completed.

You can include anything you would like in your introduction, but here are some suggestions

  • Your background in the Forex market
  • Your background in other markets
  • Why you trade/want to trade
  • Comments about your personal investor profile
  • Any other personal information you would like to share