How do I change the default template on newly loaded charts?

If you have certain preferences with how your charts are set up or certain indicators you like to keep on all of your charts, you don't have to add them manually to every chart that you load. You can change the default loading template by doing the following:

1.  Set up your preferred chart template with all indicators and settings preferences you would like on your default template.

2.  Save this chart as a template by right clicking the chart and selecting "Save Template" in the dropdown box.

3.  The "Save As" dialog box is displayed, create a name for the template and click "Save".

4.  Now to set the template as the default template, click "FILE" in the top menu bar.

5.  Select "Alveo Settings" from the dropdown box.

6.  The "Settings" dialog box is displayed, select the template you just saved in the "Default Chart Template" selector bar. Do this by clicking the down arrow in the selector bar and then select the appropriate template.

7.  You may now click the red X to close the "Settings" dialog box.

Now when you click the "New Chart" button the default chart template will be displayed in the "Template" selector bar in the "Chart Selection" dialog box.