Apiary Signals Best Practices

Signals is a fantastic aid for learning how to trade longer term setups.  In order to help make your experience a bit better, we have a few things you ought to consider.


Remember results will vary...  Every broker will have slightly different quotes at any given moment.  Even within Apiary, we work with multiple liquidity providers.  This means individual results will vary.  Because of this we recommend using the trigger, target, and stop as guides and tailoring them to your charts.

Pay attention to Time Stops...  Some trades will not trigger.  A setup is nothing more than an "If... Then," scenario.  If the market behaves a certain way, then there is a good probability the resulting move will do what is described.  If the market doesn't make the move in the first place, the trade setup is no longer valid.

Be patient...  Since we are working with longer term setups, not only will it take longer to hit the targets, but it will also take longer to trigger.  This also means we may go days without a setup.  So patience is a great attribute!

Make the signal your own...  There is an unfathomable number of ways to trade the Signal setups.  We encourage you to try different techniques for entries, exits and money management.

Don't hold trades over the weekend...  As a rule Apiary will close all open positions on Friday.  

Give Signals time...  We can't guarantee the performance of any individual signal, but we have a strong confidence in the results over time, so be sure to give it time to work.  Our goal is to win on 60-70% of the trades, but we could go through streaks where we lose several back to back trades.  Have confidence in the big picture.

Not all signals will have a video…  The purpose of Signals is to help you develop longer term trading strategies.  The video is an important training and teaching tool, but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide a video for every Signals due to time and resource constraints.  


Please do not share Signals:

Offering Signals has come with added expense and overhead.  We have to charge a monthly fee so that we can cover our expense.  Some may be tempted to share the signal with others.  While I completely understand the good intentions, it does create a problem for Apiary.  Plus it is not fair to those who are legitimately paying for the service.  So please do not share the signals with others in the community or without.


Signals are to help you develop as a trader:

The framework in which Apiary Signals functions is different from any other signal provider because of our overarching goal of developing a trader.  So if you look at signals through this lens you'll have a great learning experience!  



We are learning as we go, so expect some changes in the coming weeks and months.  Here are a couple things we’re working on at the moment:


  1. We are changing the main signals page to reflect more clearly which signal is active and which is closed.  Changes will come soon!
  2. We are working with the traders to make sure the setup is more descriptive and consistent with the terminology we use in the training.