Improvements with Alveo 1.4.10

We just recently released an exciting new update - Alveo 1.4.10!

With this new update, we have implemented some changes on our order servers that will bring us closer in line to some of the order processing requirements we have with our liquidity providers.

With the new update, you may experience a slight change in how an order is filled due to a new confirmation process we’ve introduced to the order processing servers for both demo and live accounts.  In effect, orders will not fill until they have been validated by this new confirmation system from the liquidity provider’s server.

Without getting into a long complicated explanation, Apiary had a challenge in how trade confirmations are handled because the LP’s do not manage any of the sub-accounts at the Apiary Fund.  Occasionally we would see discrepancies between sub account trade execution and the master account trade execution - especially during high frequency and high volatility times.  High frequency trades during high volatility times were leaving Apiary extremely vulnerable to risk.  So we decided to try and create a better solution for order confirmations that would mitigate some of that risk.  

The new confirmation process is a solution that will help alleviate some of these discrepancies and keep Apiary in better sync with LP’s.  The LP’s still have limits on the number of trades we post during any given time, but this goes a long way to making sure we are better in line with their offering.  We recognize that this new function will add some slight latency to the order fulfillment process, but it will go miles toward protecting the fund and ensuring a good relationship with our liquidity providers.

The changes in order processing have also come with some fantastic changes in infrastructure.  In the last couple weeks we’ve opened new servers in closer proximity of our liquidity providers.  In the past, we had positioned the servers so they were regionalized and closer to you.  This made sense because it cut down the amount of time it took to get an order to Apiary.  However, we soon discovered that having servers located in the same location as our liquidity provider’s is much faster and more reliable – especially for traders on our virtual private servers (VPS).

These changes are very beneficial to the longevity and sustainability of funded trading accounts at the Apiary Fund.