"Have 5 profitable trading days in a row (Start Sun or Mon)" Beeline Achievements

This achievement teaches a very important principle in trading, the emphasizing of trading that progressively raises equity over an extended period of time. Ultimately this is the goal of any good trader. Completing this step in Beeline will help you understand equity building.

There are a few things that you need to watch when completing this achievement to ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements to pass it:

  • Depending on your lot size there can be a difference between earning pips and earning equity. Equity is the current state of your account, having a $10,000 account and building it up to $11,000 is an example of building equity.

To be sure that you are fulfilling the requirements of this achievement in Beeline pay attention to your equity amount displayed in the bottom left corner of your Alveo platform. Manage your "Pips Today" and "Risk Today" appropriately so that you have a higher equity each day than you had the day before in your five day streak. This will ensure that each day is profitable.

  • Also note that Beeline is tracking your work on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This means that whatever time zone you are in, you need to be sure that you are indeed starting on Sunday or Monday GMT and that your profitability is occurring and remaining on the appropriate days. 
  • Finally, a helpful tip would be to stop trading for the day once you have reached profitability. The software that tracks your progress in Beeline takes queries at certain times each day checking on your status, so if you are profitable at one point and unprofitable at another, there is a chance that the system could check in on you at a time when you were unprofitable for the day and mark that day as being unprofitable.