"Use A Trailing Stop" Beeline Achievement

This Beeline achievement is designed to help you get exposure to trailing stops and learn how to use them successfully. If you are having trouble completing this step, be sure that the trade is profitable and that it was stopped out (closed) by your trailing stop. The achievement requirements will not be fulfilled if:

  • The trade was stopped out by your trailing stop with negative pips.
  • The trade was closed by your take profit.

You can check your statistics to see why or why not certain trades fulfilled an achievement's requirements. Simply refer to the "Pips", "Profit", and "Close Type" columns of your trade history list on your statistics page found on your Apiary Fund profile. Be sure that the close type was the trailing stop and that you had a profit not just in the "Pips" column but also in the "Profit" column. It is possible to have positive pips and a negative profit due to the spread and commissions. You must ensure that you make enough pips on a trade to make up for both the spread and the commission.

If you need help setting up a trailing stop, please refer to the following article:

How do I apply a trailing stop?