Inter-Trade Loss Potential or Floating Loss

What is an inter-trade loss potential or floating loss? This is the amount of pips that you have the potential to lose according to your stop loss. For example if I were to set up a buy stop to trigger at 1.38230 and I set my stop loss at 1.38200 then my inter-trade loss potential or floating loss would be 3 pips because I have the potential of losing 3 pips if the trade is stopped out.

As you complete the steps "4th Down Conversion", "3rd Down Conversion", and "10 Pip Rush" in Beeline you will be required to place ten profitable trades with an inter trade loss potential of less than 4 pips, 3 pips, and 5 pips respectively. 

It is also important to know that if you decide not to place a stop loss you still have an inter-trade loss potential or floating loss. The Beeline system will look at your trade entry point, the high point of your trade, where the trade closes, and the low point of your trade. If the low point i.e., the biggest negative pip difference on the trade, exceeds 4, 3, or 5 pips respectively the achievement requirements will not be fulfilled.