Alignment Strategy, how do I set up three charts on my Alveo?

You can learn more about the Alignment Strategy in the glossary.

Setting up your charts to use the Alignment Strategy is simple with Alveo. Refer to the screenshot "Alignment Strategy Setup" below to see what the end result will be. The following steps will help you manipulate the charts on the platform:

1.  Click and hold the blue tab of the chart you would like to place on the far right (it is easiest to work from one side to the other). This tab is found at the top of the chart and to the left. Drag this tab from its place and you will see an image appear in the middle of the platform section over which your cursor is hovering.

2.  Still holding your mouse button, hover over the section of your platform that is the furthest to the right and then hover your cursor over the right side of the image and release your mouse to dock the chart in this new position.

Refer to screenshot "Docking First Chart".

3.  Follow the same process for docking the chart you would like just to the left of the chart that you just placed.

4.  Finally, dock your last chart at the far left by dragging the chart tab over the furthest left section on your platform and the left side of the image or if you already have three sections on your platform place the tab over the middle of the image, then release your mouse click.

Refer to screenshot "Docking Last Chart".

5.  Adjust the size of the charts as you would like them by moving your cursor between the sections until you see a double arrow appear, click and hold the mouse, and drag the chart edge to the desired size.

For more information about manipulating charts and windows in Alveo, refer to the article or video below.

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