Why is my Beeline not updating?

There may be a few reasons why your Beeline account isn't updating:


First, ensure that you are completing the achievement on the proper account. Note that Silver and Gold accounts require work on a different account. To access this account:

1.  Click "FILE" in the top menu bar.

2.  Select "Manage Account" in the dropdown box.

3.  Click the radio button next to Silver or Gold accounts respectively.

4.  When the circle is filled next to the account you would like to activate, click the "Activate" button at the bottom.


Second, review the requirements for the achievement and be sure they have been completely finished. Note that Beeline achievements are counted GMT, so be sure to check that you are completing requirements with time factors appropriately based on the GMT timezone.  For questions concerning achievement requirements, please refer to the grey question mark in the achievement bar.


Finally, please allow for at least 15 minutes for an achievement to update. Then logout and login again to your account and the achievement should be updated. If after these steps you are still experiencing issues please call our support line at 801-701-1650.