MACD indicator

To learn more about the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) refer to the glossary.

The default settings for the MACD indicator are 12,26,9 (Fast Period 12, Slow Period 26, Signal Period 9). The Signal Period, or the last number in the series is changed in order to manipulate the blue (default color) line running through the histogram. Note that in Alveo there is only one of these lines which is different from MT4 which has two lines. The other two numbers, the Fast Period and Slow Period, are changed to manipulate the histogram.

Here is how you go about changing these settings

1.  Left click on the chart where the indicator you would like to modify is found.

2.  Right click on the same chart.

3.  Select "Indicators" from the dropdown box.

4.  Select the indicator you would like to modify from the list in the left area of the "Indicator List" dialog box. The highlighted indicator is the indicator whose settings are displayed in the right area of the same dialog box.

5.  Scroll down to find the "Fast Period", "Slow Period", and "Signal Period" quantity bars. Adjust these values as you would like.

6.  Click "Ok" at the bottom of the dialog box.

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