How do I change the digits or decimal places displayed on indicators?

The number of decimal places being displayed by indicator values can be modified in the "Indicator List" dialog box.

1.  Right click on the chart containing the indicator you would like to modify.

2.  Click "Indicators" from the drop-down box.

3.  Select the indicator that you would like to modify from the list at the left side of the "Indicator List" dialog box. Ensure that the appropriate indicator is highlighted.

4.  Locate "Digits" on the right side of the same dialog box (under 'Advanced' settings) and highlight the number found in the value bar.

5.  You may type the desired amount of decimal places you would like displayed here or you can click the arrows at the right end of the value bar to change the number.

6.  Click "Ok".

Refer to the screenshot below.