How do I report a bug or give a suggestion?

We appreciate your feedback about how things are working in the Apiary Fund. It is encouraged to report any problems you are experiencing so that we can take care of them as quickly and effectively as possible.

To make a feature request, report a bug, or suggest any other change to any Apiary Fund software:

1.  Login to the Apiary Fund website.

2.  Click the "Software" tab at the top.

3.  Click "Development" from the dropdown box.

4.  Search for the problem you would like to report and up the vote by clicking the up arrow at the right.

If you cannot find the specific problem you would like to report, report a new suggestion:

1.  Follow steps 1-3 above.

2.  Click the blue "add item" button.

3.  Fill out the form as completely as possible and click "Save" at the bottom.