What is Beeline?

Beeline to Funding is a program designed for your success as a Forex trader. Beeline will take you step by step through your trading education as well as give you challenges that will push you to apply and practice what you are learning. The purpose of Beeline is to help you deeply develop as a trader. Keep this in mind as you experience the program and do your best to make your good work as effective as possible in making you a successful trader.

You will move through the Copper, Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of Beeline and when you have completed the Gold level you will be placed in a funded account.

Please note that as an overarching rule achievements can only be completed when they have been "unlocked" by moving into their respective levels. For example, if you placed a trade while you were in a beginning level that would fulfil a requirement in a more advanced level, that trade will not fulfil the requirement because it wasn't placed while that achievement was unlocked.