How do I close a trade manually?

When trading, you might want to close a trade before it reaches your stop loss or take profit.

To view a video showing to manually close an order, click here. Or, follow the step by step directions below.

To manually close your orders in Alveo:

1.  Find the "Orders" tab where your active and pending orders are displayed.

Can't find your Orders tab? Click here.

2.  Right-click on the order you would like to close.

3.  Select "Close Order" (you may also simply select the trade and press the hotkey Alt + C).

A trade can also be closed or deleted by clicking the red x next to the trade in the "Orders" tab.

You may also click the "Flatten" button in the top left corner of your Orders tab. This will close and delete all trades (open and pending) in the Orders tab at that time.