How do I resize and move charts around on my screen?

The Alveo platform is fully customizable. The content of the platform is made up of your charts and other windows such as "Orders", "Orders History", or "Watch List".

To view a video that shows how to rearrange and adjust windows inside the platform, click here.

To move these different windows around the platform and dock them:

1.  Click and hold the window's tab and drag it from its position above the window and on the left side. These tabs are used to manipulate the windows.

2.  When you drag the tab away from it's previous position you will find an image appear in the middle of the window behind your curser. Use this image by hovering your curser over the different parts of the image. This will show you a preview of where the window you are dragging will be docked.

3.  Release your mouse click where you would like the window to be docked.

Refer to the screenshot below to see what this looks like.


To change the size of windows on Alveo:

1.  Move your cursor to the extents of the window that you would like to resize until you see your cursor change to a double arrow.

2.  Click and hold when your cursor is a double arrow and drag your window to the desired size.

 To watch a video that explains these things click here.