When should I trade and when can't I trade? - Trading Hours

One of the advantages of trading the Forex market is that it can be traded 24 hours a day, but something we must remember is that not all times are best for trading and that there are some days when the markets are closed. Please take note of the following dates and times when the Forex market is closed or varies in activity:

 *All times are based on GMT*


Christmas: Closes 12 pm Eastern on December 23, opens 4:00 pm Eastern on December 26

New Years: Closes 12 pm Eastern on December 30, opens 4:00 pm Eastern on January 2



On Friday the last market closes at 5:00 pm Eastern, you will not be able to place, modify, or close orders after 4:00 pm Eastern on versions of Alveo preceding 1.5.7. With these earlier versions of Alveo the first market reopens at 4:00 pm Eastern on Sunday. Version 1.5.7 will support trading until 5:00 pm Eastern on Friday and then will reopen at 5:00 pm Eastern on Sunday.



Sydney opening: 4:00 pm Eastern

Sydney closing: 1:00 am Eastern


Tokyo opening: 6:00 pm Eastern

Tokyo closing: 3:00 am Eastern


London opening: 3:00 am Eastern

London closing: 12:00 pm Eastern


New York opening: 8:00 pm Eastern

New York closing: 5:00 pm Eastern


Note: Between the months of April and October the following changes occur


Sydney opening: 6:00 pm Eastern

Sydney closing: 3:00 am Eastern


Tokyo opening: 7:00 pm Eastern

Tokyo closing: 4:00 am Eastern


Refer to our Sessions Clock for more information on these hours as well as a look at when the market is most volatile or active.