How do I get funded?

One option is that you can go through the beeline to funding process. Complete the steps to level up to and make your way to the Gold funded account.

Or you may attempt to prove your capability through trading on a simulated account.

There are six main metrics an Apiary Fund Risk Manager will look at when reviewing a simulated account for funding eligibility. Risk Managers have the ability to allocate funding to individuals at their discretion even if the trader hasn't met these metrics, however, a trader whose simulated account is achieving these benchmarks with a consistency will be an extremely likely candidate.

The metrics are:

  • Winning trade percentage greater than 50%
  • Average win is greater than average loss
  • No loss exceeding 2% of account size
  • 60 days of history
  • At least 100 trades

In addition to these metrics, the use of a stop loss is something risk managers will consider with a lot of weight. Be sure you are using a stop loss, as this shows good risk management.

Risk Managers understand that trading takes a lot of learning, practice, and patience. Don’t hesitate to practice trading for fear of making a mistake.

When analyzing the balance of a simulated account over time, it is common for beginners to have a period of excessive volatility, particularly near the beginning. As you trade, you can learn to keep to a steady system of entry and exit, both winning and losing, that will average out to a relatively consistent, increasing account balance.