What does it mean when I get a 41 error code?

What causes error 41?

Error 41 happens when a template or workspace cannot be fully loaded because all or some of the chart objects (indicators, time series, etc.) did not have enough vertical space within the panel to be drawn correctly. When a chart template/workspace is saved, every object within the panel is stored with whatever percentage of vertical space within that panel that the given object was using. When that object is loaded, it is given back that percentage to use again. Each series and indicator require a minimum of 30px each in order to load properly. Many indicators will crash if they aren’t given this required space to draw.

What can I do about it?

When saving a template or workspace, make sure that each chart window has enough vertical space to display each series or indicator that you are asking it to save. This error occurs more often when saving a template on a larger monitor then later trying to open the same template on a smaller screen like a laptop, etc.