How can I run Alveo on my Mac?

Our virtual private server (VPS) service

Many of us use a Mac to trade and use our VPS (Virtual Private Server) service.  This is not the cheapest approach but we appreciate some of the advantages such as being able to trade from an iPad or phone or my computer.  You can be anywhere with almost any device and be able to trade.  Again, its not cheap its $54/mo for basics, $84/mo for Pro, or $134/mo for Premium.  Most chose the medium version.  Here’s the link to VPS info:  (You need to be logged in to access this page)
If not VPS, then you can use a virtualization software like Parallels ($100/yr) or VM Fusion Ware ($79 1x), or Bootcamp (Free with Mac).  These options require an installation of windows operating system on top of Mac.  Windows is about $100.  These also work just fine. 
In the near future, we hope to have a cloud version of our software which will open up a whole new world for us Mac users!