What's the difference between the Apiary Fund and another trading company?

There are several things about our history and structure that make our organization unique. Here's some of the more poignant features of the Apiary Investment Fund:

Proprietary Trading - Our goal is to train someone how to trade so they can get a funded account. We actually put up the money and take the full risk. For that reason, we have to make sure each and every trader knows how to trade in a profitable and consistent way. This is difference from other training companies whose primary goal is to sell training. They may even withhold information and say you need to pay more to learn more. It is to our advantage to give our traders every bit of information that can help them become successful.

No Risk Deposit - If another company provides a proprietary trading opportunity, they may require a "risk deposit." The idea of a risk deposit is that the trader still assumes the risk for an account that they trade, but still must split the profit. If a trader using a an Apiary Fund account loses money, they don't have to pay it back. That's why the training and qualification process is so important to getting a funded account. That is also why it is in our best interest to provide the best training possible.

Comprehensive Training - We have around 5 live discussions about the market every week where we teach concepts and answer questions. Each time we teach a concept, the discussion is recorded. As a result, there are about 400 hours of recorded discussions available for your learning. Additionally, we are creating new e-book and video content on a consistent basis so that people from any learning style can learn in an engaging way. We try to provide every bit of information we can so that we produce better traders.

Live Trading Rooms - Each week, people in the Trader Development Program can tune in and literally watch the screens of professional traders as they enter and exit positions. This allows you to learn from the examples of traders with different styles. We don't recommend taking the exact positions they do or even trading exactly like them, because it will be up to you to develop your own style, but it's good to see people really doing it and get some pointers from the pros.

Partner Program - For select individuals, we offer a partner program where they can work with a specific successful individual on a weekly basis. The partner program is not for everyone. It is a privilege reserved only for a few because of the limited availability of trading professionals. Getting involved in a partner program also has a significant cost associated with it. Those involved in the partner program are able to meet on a weekly basis with a professional, usually over the phone, to discuss their personal trading and get advice regarding their style. The number and frequency of meetings is up to them.

Support Hotline - Our Trader Support department is here to help answer any questions you have about setting up your software, learning, and trading. We do our best to effectively answer phone calls, emails, and forum topics.

Modules - We attempt to make trading as easy to understand as possible by coming up with new and creative ways to explain it. One of those unique methods is our modules. Modules are videos and animations that explain concepts with diagrams in their simplest form. We are constantly producing new videos and modules explaining everything from the forex market, to software, to trading systems, to money management.

Crowdsourced Community - We take a crowdsourced approach to investing. One of the most helpful community aspects is that we have a forum where everyone can talk, ask, and answer questions no matter where they are. You will find "new-bees" introducing themselves, people sharing their market forecasts, and general advice-giving and hand-holding.

Proprietary Software - There are several custom indicators and expert advisors we provide to our traders through a partnership with the systems and technology entity, Proform Trading. You will find useful tools like pivot and breakout displays as well as exclusive indicators like price and time cycles. There is also the Proform Robot: a pattern recognition tool that can search for high-probability patterns automatically and suggest trades.

We are not a broker - We train people how to trade and give them money to trade with, but we don't fulfill the transactions ourselves. We don't act as a mediator for trades and we don't make money off of the transactions themselves, like a broker does. We also don't accept investments. The money used to allocate to funded traders is not pooled capital, it is private money. When a trader gets a funded account, we give them a login to an account that they use to trade. Then, each month on the 20th, whatever money they have made gets withdrawn, and their portion of the profits is sent to them.