What is the Forum?

The forum is an on going conversation in the Apiary community (the "Beehive"). Apiary customers and Apiary employees can post topics of discussion there that can range in subject from someone's trades for the day to a technical issue in the software that needs to be resolved and everything in between.

You can find a lot of good information in the forum by either searching a specific subject you're looking for or starting a new discussion topic. Just remember to keep the discussion on topic and appropriate. You may be surprised at how useful the forum is, and we encourage everyone to use it. The people on the forum are real people who are in a similar situation to you. They are Apiary users just like you and may be able to provide answers to questions that you have.

Also, the handsome folks at Apiary Trader Support are on the forum on a daily basis trying to answer questions and encourage useful conversation.