Adobe Connection

If you are having trouble with downloading the adobe connect add-in follow these steps:
First, click "Download", but the internet browser will block the download.
Second, unblock the download by clicking on the pop-up blocker icon on the search bar at the top right.
Then click on "Load unsafe scripts" and that will refresh the page automatically.
Third, you can go ahead and download the adobe connect add-in and install the add-in.
Fourth, checkmark the box that appears so that it will remember to always open up with the adobe connect add-in.
Then click "Open Adobe Connect Add-In"
If you are still having trouble with adobe connect add-in, here is the Adobe Support number:
If they are asking for a case number, provide them with Case#0189061378
The person who can assist you is Preeti Rai But you can mention your issue and Adobe's Support should be able to take care of this for you.
Thank you